75 year-old recovers from concussion and ‘gets her life back’ with vision therapy


My first visit to Dr. McCrodan was in August 2017. At that time, I was very frustrated because I was unable to carry out the normal activities of my daily life; personally, and socially. I was 75 years old and it felt as if life as I knew it was over. I had sustained a concussion in the Spring of 2012 from a head-on fall onto concrete. It had been a long recovery but after 2 years, I was feeling improved. On December 30, 2016, I had another head-on fall and was more disabled than the first incident. I had difficulty reading, was unable to do watercolour painting, could not watch TV or tolerate the computer and struggled with outdoor activities. I suffered from fatigue, depression, bad headaches, light and noise sensitivity, nausea at times, fogginess, forgetfulness and clumsiness.

After I was examined by Dr. McCrodan, he asked me what my goal was, and I told him “I wanted my life back” and was willing to work to my utmost to success. This included driving from Quadra Island to Victoria and back every week for 30 weeks.

Dr. McCrodan was very conscientious, upbeat and enthusiastic and had confidence that I could accomplish this. By using different lenses on my Husband, he was able to demonstrate to him how my balance was impaired and how my vision was impaired. With his understanding of my condition, he became my “cheerleader” and encouraged me during my exercises and home training. Dr. McCrodan was very professional, knowledgeable, optimistic and encouraging. He made us feel comfortable with and eager to begin the Vision Development Program. Previous to this, my General Practitioner and my Optometrist were doubtful that I would see any improvement considering my age and that it was my second concussion. It was a relief to hear Dr. McCrodan assure me that I would improve. And I did – big time!

Although the exercises often seemed easy, they were nonetheless challenging and were purposefully chosen so that my brain and eyes would work together again. I could not have done it without Sue, my Vision Therapist. It was amazing how she could assess what I needed. She was kind but firm, very proficient and added to that, a good sense of humour. She was determined to help me heal and I could not have done it without her kind and caring assistance. Thank you, Sue!

Although it was slow at first, my condition did improve. At times, I worked too hard on the exercises and it would cause fatigue and headaches. The team helped me relax and set limits for myself. At times, I got tired of the process but knowing I was making progress, I would take a break for a day and push on the next. The end result made the journey worthwhile.

In January 2018, Dr. McCrodan opened a second office in Nanaimo, which reduced our travel time by half. Fortunately, Sue almost moved to this office and continued her magic. I began to see noticeable progress; reading again, painting more and with fewer headaches and fatigue. Dr. McCrodan assessed my progress at regular intervals and noted improvement each time.

To conclude, the care, nurturing and empathy I experienced helped me on this journey. And the most wonderful result was that “I got my life back!”.



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