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Opto-mization was born out of a passion for helping people with overlooked vision conditions.  After years of watching family struggle without known reason, Dr. McCrodan set out to find a solution.  His engineering background leads him to say that this is ‘just the software of our vision’.



We have been helping people just like you since 2012 in Victoria BC.  As one of the largest dedicated vision therapy clinics in Canada, our 4000 square foot location has lots of space and smiling faces. You will easily find us on the main routes with lots of available parking located near the Save On Foods Arena.



Due to demand from our patients North of Victoria, Nanaimo was opened in 2018.  The office is warm, welcoming and equipped with everything you need.  We are proud to offer a convenient location for all our wonderful patients in Nanaimo, The Cowichan Valley, Comox Valley and more.


Dr. McCrodan’s Opto-mization™ Training process has supported patients of all ages and abilities across North America. He also speaks and educates other professionals on neurovisual performance. His popular TEDX Talk has shed the light on the benefits of neurovisual training to audiences around the world.

Dr. Cameron McCrodan, OD FCOVD

Dr. McCrodan was inspired to focus his career on neurovisual performance shortly after graduation. He had been observing an appointment with a 50-year-old patient who had been successfully treated for a reading/learning disability caused by an underlying eye movement and processing problem. The patient shared that he thought he didn’t like to read because he was stupid – only to realize it had been a problem with his eyes.

Since some of his undergraduate was spent in engineering, Dr. McCrodan realized that this was simply the engineering of the visual system.  The software that controls how our eyes work, and how we process what they see.  This lead to years of study and the ongoing advancement of treatment at Opto-mization.

Today Dr. McCrodan supports patients of all ages and abilities, including those with reading and learning issues, head trauma, concussions, and sports vision needs.

Dr. McCrodan grew up in Victoria and graduated from The School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Waterloo. He is a fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (FCOVD), and has sat on the board for the British Columbia Doctors of Optometry. . He is also a member of the Canadian Association of Optometrists, the Canadian Optometrists in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation, the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association and the Optometric Extension Program.

Dr. Alison Caiger-Watson

In addition to optometry, and her passion for vision therapy and neuro-optometry, Dr. Caiger-Watson has many athletic interests including sprint kayaking, running, road biking and cross country skiing.

Dr. Alison Caiger-Watson, OD

Dr. Caiger-Watson graduated from Carleton University in 2006, with highest honours in a bachelor of science (biology) degree. During this time, she worked as a researcher at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute completing studies on atrial fibrillation. In 2012 she completed her doctorate degree from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry, graduating on the Dean’s Honours List.

During her training, Dr. Caiger-Watson interned with internationally renowned optometrists and ophthalmologists at the OMNI Eye Services of Atlanta. Focuses of the clinic included treatment and management of anterior segment disorders, retinal disease, glaucoma, and pre and post-operative care of cataract surgery. Dr. Caiger-Watson also interned at the Lions Sight First Eye Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi, where she gained first hand experience in tropical ocular disease diagnosis and management.

Dr. Caiger-Watson is passionate about volunteer optometric work. As an optometry student she has participated in eye care missions worldwide, including Ecuador, Western Sahara and Malawi. She has also volunteered with the Special Olympics. Dr. Caiger-Watson looks forward to continuing her volunteer work in the future. When not practicing, volunteering or running triathalons, Alison paddles. Highlights of her paddling career include 13 national titles, 2 national records, silver medalist at the Junior World Marathon Championships, and a nomination to the 2007 Senior Women’s World Championship and Olympic pool. Dr. Caiger-Watson is a licensed private pilot and enjoys spending time flying with her family and friends.

Most recently Dr. Caiger-Watson has found a passion in bringing neuro-optometry and vision therapy to Nanaimo. This allows her to help everyone from athletes who want better hand-eye coordination, to children who may be struggling with reading and learning, or people with vision symptoms after a head injury or concussion. This has become her favourite area of care because of the meaningful difference that treatment can make.


“My mission is to make sure that no kids or adults are left struggling with these treatable visual conditions.  We need to overhaul how we think about vision, and change the testing process.”- Dr. Cam McCrodan

Our Story

We are fortunate to have an amazing staff of optometrists, opticians, vision therapists and support staff who really care about your experience and outcome.

Our clinic began in 2012 as McCrodan Vision Development (re-named in 2018) and has grown into locations in Victoria, Nanaimo and Dr. McCrodan’s work in Brooklyn NY.  Below is what Dr. McCrodan has to say.

A year out of optometry school, I remember feeling like I was hit with a ton of bricks while on a course.  Vision is really just software.  It can be developed, and re-developed.  It was like the engineering education I had all of a sudden meshed with optometry.  It seemed so obvious.

On my quest to learn more, I realized that my sister had struggled with school because of problems with how her eyes tracked and worked together. My family had tried everything. Every doctor, every appointment, every tutor. I watched her struggle for years. This made me determined to improve testing, treatment, and awareness.

Every week there are usually tears shared during an appointment as parent is relieved to figure out why a child is struggling, when a person with a concussion or dizziness realizes there is a ‘why’ and a solution, or after treatment when we get to sit and reminisce about how things used to be.

Through this journey we have developed an incredible team.  It’s really like a family of people who are so invested in our patients that it creates the most amazing environment.  Learning culture is at our core, and we spend hours every week advancing our knowledge, evolving testing/procedures and improving outcomes.

I can remember a time when I was younger when I would drive home and see the LottoMax sign.  I remember thinking ‘wouldn’t that be wonderful to quit work tomorrow’!  Now I see the sign and think ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful to have more resources to share what we do’.

I’m so grateful for every patient that lets us share in their journey.  We learn from everyone we work with, and your improvements bring meaning to our work.

Dr. Cam

From TedX talks to probono workshops, and donating care to low income individuals and families, we are changing how the world sees vision one set of eyes at a time.

Your life. Visible results.

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