Our son Austin has been seeing Dr. McCrodan since December of 2012. Austin is in grade one and was unable to read, form his letters properly, and was miserable at school. He would hide under his desk at school to avoid “word scramble.” He was also very uncoordinated and was unable to focus on anything for too long.

We stumbled upon Dr. McCrodan when our regular optometrist left the clinic we go to. It was fate; we had no idea that the issues Austin was struggling with had anything to do with his vision. Hints were made that perhaps he had ADD which, in my heart, I knew wasn’t true.

In a few short months of vision therapy with Dr. McCrodan (1/3 of the way through treatment), Austin has gone from a “below average” reader to an average reader who has gone from Reading Level 1 to 10. His printing is now legible — not to mention his coordination – and, most importantly, his confidence has improved by leaps and bounds. There is no more crying because he had to go to school. When we met with his teacher in March, I cried because Austin had improved so much. Austin’s teacher was stunned by his progress — all due to vision therapy.

I don’t even want to think of the struggles Austin would have endured throughout his life and schooling if we had never had the good fortune to meet Dr. McCrodan. Dr. McCrodan is a caring, passionate professional who, in Austin’s words, is “a good buddy to kids who have vision problems”. Austin looks forward to his weekly sessions with Dr. McCrodan and says it feels just like home.

Words cannot express how grateful we are. We highly recommend Dr. McCrodan and his staff; they are professional, caring and hard-working individuals and we can’t thank them enough.

Yvonne and Eric D

An update on young Austin:

I previously wrote a testimonial about our vision therapy.  When I wrote that testimonial our son Austin was part way through his therapy and I was amazed at the changes, now that he has graduated the changes have been even more amazing.

I just want to say again how much I appreciate all that Dr. McCrodan and his staff have done for Austin, they literally changed his life! When Austin started his therapy at the beginning of grade one, he couldn’t read and was miserable at school.  The Austin of today is a happy confident Grade 2 student.  He is at reading level 18 (normal for grade 2 is 18-20), has aced every weekly spelling test since September.  His hand writing has improved dramatically and at the parent/teacher interviews in November I was pleased to hear he is a hard-worker who applies himself and does not have any behavioural issues.  Not to mention a bit of a math whiz.

This is a far cry from “we may have to test for ADD in the future” that we heard from educators in K and grade 1!  If I had listened to that line of thinking Austin’s life would have continued to be difficult and a constant struggle.  Thankfully, we were fortunate enough to meet Dr. Cam, we owe him a lot and Austin adores him. Listen to your gut, don’t just believe what you are told about your child if it doesn’t feel right, advocate for your child and check out every possibility as you never know what you will find.

At school the students were asked to write about what they were most proud of, Austin’s response was“Graduating from vision therapy”! Enough said!

Yvonne D
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Dr. Cameron McCrodan brings a pragmatic approach to vision development and vision therapy. He credits his time in engineering with his approach to functional vision. With over 10,000 hours specifically in neuro-optometry, he is committed to improving treatments and public/professional understanding.