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Book a workshop by July 2019 and the fee is waived for schools, non profits and parent groups


Are you an educator or parent concerned about a struggling child? You may have already read the research showing that eye tracking problems can cause problems with reading and learning and even mimic learning disabilities like dyslexia or ADD/ADHD.  Perhaps you’ve already spoke with the parent of a child who has had these conditions treated.  Either way, you want to learn more.


Book Dr. Cameron McCrodan, OD, FCOVD for a workshop for your school or PAC today.  Learn about how eye movement problems can impact reading and learning, and how to identify them.


Learn about:

  • How visual function impacts reading and learning
  • The signs and symptoms
  • About the research supporting testing and treatment
  • What testing you need to ask for (most exams do not test these areas)
  • How these conditions impact psycho-educational testing
  • How these conditions can interfere with educational support
  • Treatment possibilities (what does and does not work)


Common related conditions: Dyslexia, Learning disabilities, Gifted but Learning Disabled, dysgraphia, developmental coordination disability, attention deficit disorder (ADD/ADHD), and children with autism spectrum disorder are more likely to have these visual conditions.


Workshop Fee:  $1000 (Fee waived for non-profits, schools, and PACS if booked by July 1 2019)


To book now, contact Laura@opto-mization.com.

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About the Author:

Dr. Cameron McCrodan brings a pragmatic approach to vision development and vision therapy. He credits his time in engineering with his approach to functional vision. With over 10,000 hours specifically in neuro-optometry, he is committed to improving treatments and public/professional understanding.

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