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Up to 80% of struggling readers are lacking visual skills.  If the eyes can’t track accurately through the text, reading becomes difficult.  These problems can mimic other learning disabilities.



Messy writing with bad spacing? Vision problems can cause writing to be messy with unequal spacing, reversed letters, or slow output.  It is also a leading cause of trouble copying off the board.



If the eyes don’t work well together, it takes more energy to try to stay focused.  It’s like trying to ride a bike with flat tires. These vision problems cause 7 of the 9 symptoms of attention deficit disorder.



‘Fonetik‘ spelling? If a child doesn’t have good visual memory abilities, spelling will often be phonetic or random.  Less than 50% of the English language is phonetic so visual memory skills are a must.


80% of struggling readers are lacking one or more visual skills

Vision skills that are necessary for reading

Vision problems can mimic learning disabilities

Vision problems can look like:

7 of the 9 symptoms of attention deficit disorder can be caused by a vision problem

If you were trying to ride a bike with flat tires, wouldn’t you have trouble to keep riding? If a child’s eyes don’t work efficiently and it requires a lot more energy to try to read or stay focused, they will give up sooner or avoid doing it.

Studies have shown that treating these vision problems (if present) reduces the attention deficit disorder symptoms.

 ‘In an open trial, attention and internalizing problems improved significantly following treatment for CI (Convergence Insufficiency).’

Behavioral and Emotional Problems Associated With Convergence Insufficiency in Children: An Open Trial.
Borsting E1, Mitchell GL2, Arnold LE2, Scheiman M3, Chase C4, Kulp M2, Cotter S5; CITT-RS Group.

J Atten Disord. 2016 Oct;20(10):836-44. doi: 10.1177/1087054713511528. Epub 2013 Nov 22

Writing requires fine visual-motor skills.

This young boys writing changed dramatically after vision therapy.  His hockey improved, his reading soared, and most importantly he believed he was smart.

The fine motor coordination required for writing needs finely tuned visual coordinates. If your child is struggling with writing, they could have undiagnosed vision problems.

Signs of a vision causing problems with writing:

  • reversed letters
  • unequal spacing
  • difficulty copying off the board
  • reduced writing output
  • poor spelling

This 8 year-old boys writing changed dramatically with treatment.



Your life. Visible results.

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Spelling requires visual memmory

Phonetic tactics get fonetik results

Did you notice the spelling error?

What did you say to yourself?  It’s not that it sounded wrong; it looked wrong.  If a child relies on phonics to spell, then you will get the fonetic version of the wurds they are trying to spell.  More than half of the english language doesn’t follow the phonetic rules.  Parents are amazed when a child can all of a sudden ace their spelling tests, and spell a word like Pneuomonia forwards and backwards, all by utilizing their visual memory.

What needs to be tested if your child is struggling.