Constant dizziness for 10 years figured out as tears flow.

It’s another Thursday afternoon in as I sit down with a young woman in her twenties and her mother.  Katie (not her real name) had been referred by Bernard Tonks, one of the top physiotherapists in the area of dizziness and vestibular function.  She then opens up that she’s had ongoing dizziness every single day for the last 10 years.  Katie tells me that she often has to stay at home because of her symptoms.  She tells me that there are so many things she wants to do in life but can’t. She can’t dance anymore because she can’t spin without the room continuing to spin many times over.  Driving in the rain with the windshield wipers drives her crazy, she can’t look up, she has to re-read things all the time and it took her way longer in school to read than her peers, and the list goes on.

Pretty quickly we figure out that her eyes are not working properly together (binocular vision dysfunction), and as a result of this it’s interfering with how her eyes and inner ear work together (visual-vestibular mismatch).

The most heartwarming moment was when I placed a prescription in front of her that improved her visual function (not just clarity), and the two systems worked more accurately.  This meant that she could spin with less than half of the symptoms, she could look up, and she could tolerate pattern glare (see self screening test here).  Reading was immediately improved as well.

When I told her that this was just the tip of the iceberg, as vision therapy (Opto-mization training) would allow us to re-teach her visual system accurate function and integration that would provide much more significant improvements than just the lenses alone, the tears started to flow.  Within five seconds my eyes were welling up as I was overcome with emotion in watching her response, and feeling grateful that I could help.

From clinical experience, I expect to see 70-90% reduction in dizziness and other symptoms within 4-6 months of Opto-mization training which is our developed vision therapy approach.  Combined with the Ergoptics (ergonomic-optics) prescription that will also reduce symptoms, the treatment success rates are close to 98%.  So much so that we may be one of the only healthcare providers in Nanaimo, Victoria, or on Vancouver Island that will offer a satisfaction guarantee on our prescriptions, specialized glasses, and vision therapy (Opto-mization training).


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