Doctor McCrodan Receives Donation from Rotary on behalf of not-for-profit The Visual Process

Rotary $5,000 donation pic with Cam
Dr. McCrodan, seen here accepting the cheque, is the clinical director of The Visual Process.

Dr. McCrodan is the clinical director for The Visual Process, and is pictured above receiving a $5000.00 donation from the Centennial Rotary Club.  The Visual Process is a not-for-profit foundation run by the mother of a young vision therapy patient (recently featured in both the Times Colonist and Saanich News).

The money is being used to help purchase equipment for a pilot program The Visual Process plans to launch in the fall of 2015. This pilot program will allow for children to be tested, and treated for vision conditions that are causing learning difficulties, within the school environment.

The Visual Process can be found at


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