The Visual Process – May 6th

Struggles with reading, spelling, writing, paying attention, school anxiety, or other negative behaviors surrounding school work?

1 out of 4 children have a visual condition that will create a barrier to learning, and will grow into adults with similar struggles.

80% of problem readers lack 1 or more basic visual skills.

Did you know that your visual system is responsible for much more than simply being able to ‘see’ something?  The ability to read and learn is dependent on up to 17 visual skills, only one of which is being able to see “20/20”.

Deficits in these areas can cause symptoms that can mimic other reading and learning disabilities, cause anxiety and other negative behaviors.

If we consider that 70% of incoming sensory information is visual, and 90% of classroom learning is visual, the importance of an accurate and efficient system becomes apparent.

Join Dr. McCrodan as he explores the fundamentals of how the ability to learn and the visual system are related.  Learn about warning signs, diagnosis, and treatment of these conditions.


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