//Post Concussion Balance Changes

Post Concussion Balance Changes

This brave young lady has had issues with balance, light sensitivity, headaches and reading issues since several concussions as a child.
Watch as within minutes her balance has already changed dramatically.

The sad part is that she has spent most of her life dealing with these challenges because of the lack of public and professional awareness of how vision is more than just ‘seeing clearly’. In fact, vision is one of the most commonly impacted areas after concussion or head injury, yet it is almost always overlooked.

Please help us spread the awareness. Our charity is The Visual process www.thevisualprocess.org.

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About the Author:

Dr. Cameron McCrodan brings a pragmatic approach to vision development and vision therapy. He credits his time in engineering with his approach to functional vision. With over 10,000 hours specifically in neuro-optometry, he is committed to improving treatments and public/professional understanding.