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Her concussion program wasn’t cutting it, and she wasn’t getting better. She turned to the people she could trust.

I've seen Dr. McCrodan and his staff twice for separate issues, 5 years apart. The first time was for a convergence insufficiency and the second time was after a serious concussion which completely debilitated me. Both rounds of therapy were similar in that they completely changed my life. The first time not only did we fix the convergence issue, I became a much faster reader, I stopped bumping into things, I felt like I was [...]

A stroke left her with dizziness, balance problems, difficulty reading and more. Nobody was able to help, until she found vision therapy.

    I am 75 years old and suffered a cerebral stroke.  My symptoms were dizzy spells, loss of depth perception, seasickness, inability to read and comprehend, balance problems and navigating stairs was frightening.     Before the stroke I loved to walk, read, go boating and do aquafit.  After the stroke these activities became a huge problem.     I related all of these symptoms to my GP, an ENT specialist, an Optometrist, and an Ophthalmologist.  A CT scan of [...]

Post Concussion Symptoms Improve with Prism Glasses

Wow. I have been struggling with my concussion symptoms for nearly a year. After some test, Dr McCrodan built a pair of prism glasses for me to try on. He asked me to read, something I love to do and have been struggling to do for far too long. I read the first sentence of the paragraph and I'm not afraid to admit, that I started crying. I can read again. It was so overwhelming [...]

My balance and depth perception were so bad that I would fall quite often and for no apparent reason

'Thank you' doesn't express enough how much working with Dr McCrodan and his team has changed the things I can do. I was referred to Dr McCrodan in July 2018 and started the program designed for my particular vision problems.  My balance and depth perception were so bad that I would fall quite often and for no apparent reason. I could no longer go on the breakwater because of this. Now I have been able [...]

Even with ‘perfect vision’ he was losing interest in learning. Vision therapy turned it around, and even helped his baseball

At 6 years old my son was falling behind in school. He was showing a decreased interest in learning. We started him with a great tutor and things were moving along nicely. We took the summer off between grade 1 and 2. When he started back with the tutor in grade 2 she was worried almost right away. Our son was having a real hard time and was becoming very silent. This was odd [...]

Vertigo Recovery

Vision Therapy Helps I was diagnosed with disequilibrium and vestibular/ vision mismatch last fall. It was so debilitating that I was unable to work. I was almost constantly dizzy, nauseated, and anxious. I was unable to concentrate and had frequent headaches whenever I tried to read a book or work on the computer. I tried vestibular and balance rehabilitation but made little progress until I started visual rehabilitation with Dr. McCrodan and his team. Dr. [...]

Vision therapy helps overcome amblyopia

Scott was told amblyopia (lazy eye) would deteriorate his vision. Vision therapy changed his viewpoint. It has been a couple of months since my last vision therapy appointment (and graduation!) and I wanted to thank you once again for the encouragement and inspiring atmosphere at your centre. Dr. McCrodan, you and your staff extended every courtesy to ensure my successful treatment, and because of my hard work as well as the gentle reminders from you [...]

Concussion Treatments

Vision Therapy My son (grade 6 student) commenced treatment with Dr McCrodan after suffering a serious concussion accident.  He also had been diagnosed with dyslexia and the combination of the concussion accident had left him with no balance, memory loss and a grade 3 reading level speed.  He also found reading music difficult.  He had low self-esteem, no confidence, few friends, and was often bullied at school. After following the specific program with Dr McCrodan [...]

Vision problems from concussions

Vision Therapy Helped In February 2015 I suffered a serious concussion that left me disoriented, nauseous, dizzy and exhausted. I was unable to work at my job as an editor. I went from working 12-hour days to lying on the couch with my eyes covered for weeks. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t walk without feeling like the ground was moving. I couldn’t watch TV, use my computer or read. When the symptoms revealed themselves two [...]

Vision therapy and Ergoptics combat concussion balance problems

At 35, Caralee suffered a concussion that threw her life and career into a spiral. Vision therapy brought life back into focus. I had never had a concussion before ­ I felt confused, foggy headed, forgetful, incredibly tired, couldn’t concentrate on the simplest tasks, had headaches every day, and basically stayed in bed most of the time. I lived in ‘sick mode’ and couldn’t see my way out. When I tried to go out and [...]

Persistent Migraine Headaches

Vision Therapy Changed Alexandra's Life Two years ago I became unwell.  It started as dizziness and progressed very rapidly to a host of symptoms including nausea, crippling headaches, disorientation, stuttering, vertigo, and complete exhaustion.  I spent a fair amount of time in doctors’ offices, with neurologists, in hospital, and undergoing a battery of tests.  After six months, the doctors had determined that I was not suffering from a brain tumour, cancer or a host of [...]

Neurovisual Optometry

Tait was suffering from a dizzying mix of visual conditions.  Neurovisual Optometry solved the problem. When I met Dr. McCrodan, I was on a lonely mission. I had a unique mystery to solve; one that appeared no one could help me solve or even help me towards making significant improvements. That all changed when I met Dr. Cam McCrodan and staff. In 2008, I underwent the first of six Lasik eye surgeries. This was followed [...]

Ergoptics and Vision Therapy

Optimized Eye Brain Coordination When I started Vision Therapy, my symptoms were a sensation in my left eye of a nail going from the inner corner into my brain, neck pain,  facial numbness, eye fatigue,  reduced energy and motivation due to constant pain and impaired endurance and quality of thought. On my own I saw an optometrist for visual assessment and received from him a “standard” assessment and prescription.   This did not help my symptoms [...]

Ergoptics and Eye Strain

Vision Therapy Supports Eye Strain Recovery I started suffering from eye strain in my early 20s during my first full-time desk job. Then, when I decided to add to the number of hours spent using a computer by becoming a part-time graduate student, I noticed a tugging sensation in my eye muscles. After hours of reading and typing on my laptop, I felt as though my eyes were being pulled inward. My focus was blurry [...]

ADHD and Visual Development

Vision Therapy and Confidence All through Brandon’s young years he was a very active, yet fearful child.  He would freeze up the moment something new or different would be presented, to name a few symptoms.  So much so we had him involved in the Early Intervention Program at Queen Alexandria.  He was assessed and placed in Occupational Therapy.  He thrived physically in this program, but the language component was still not at a reasonable developmental [...]

Convergence Insufficiency Issues

Vision Therapy Solutions I was having my regular biannual eye checkup and the optometrist said he had to “tighten” up my prescription on my right eye.  But my eye would not respond and my vision would not improve. Further tests indicated that I had Convergence Insufficiency. I did some online research and realized I had many of the symptoms. Headaches, blurry visions, dry eyes and double vision.  Double vision was the worst. When I was [...]

Vision Therapy Program for Migraines

Caroline's condition left her nearly housebound with regular migraines and double vision. I live with a rare neurologic condition with many symptoms that have no treatments.  In the last few years my vision started to deteriorate and I began to experience double vision everyday when my eyes would tire and frequent migraines.  It became worse and worse and the double vision would come on earlier and earlier until eventually I was not able to drive [...]

Vision therapy creates sports fanatic

Sean was a bright kid who developed language skills early. But he struggled with his gross motor skills. Sean had little interest in physical activities.  He would try everything once or twice but anything that required hand/eye coordination was difficult for him and he would quit most things pretty quickly. Despite this, Sean preserved through two years of baseball.  I can only imagine how scary it must be to try to catch or hit [...]

From IEP to Honor Roll through Vision Therapy

Matthew was assessed as needing an Independent Education Plan (IEP) due to his learning disability, but vision therapy helped him find focus. Matthew Olson was described by the school assessment team as in need of yearly IEP’s due to his learning disability in Grade 2. In Grade 3 he continued to struggle with reading. We had yearly eye exams and the optometrist found nothing wrong with his vision. Through grades 4-7 he continued to struggle [...]

Vision therapy strengthens reading

Mariah’s vision challenges were caught in a regular eye exam in 2011. Facing surgery, she met Dr. McCrodan. Mariah’s vision challenges were caught in a regular eye exam in 2011. She was sent to a specialist who would test Mariah’s eyes and determine if eye surgery would be a good option. Mariah patched her strong eye for 1-2 hours a day and read in order to strengthen her weaker eye. Fortunately, after many months of [...]

Vision therapy alleviates childhood behavioural issues

Since a very young age Jared has struggled with anxiety. Vision therapy unlocked his confidence. Since a very young age Jared has struggled with anxiety, behavioural issues and a lack of physical coordination. He comes across to others as very shy or rude as he would not speak to adults or other classmates and avoids eye contact. He hardly engaged with other kids and would only play with a select few. He was considered the [...]

Vision therapy helps dad see daughter’s potential

A dad shares his experience as his daughter undergoes vision therapy. My wife and I have two daughters. It would be an understatement to say that they are different and how amazing they both are in unique ways. Clearly, they are individuals, yet still good sisters. Our eldest daughter struggled with school, and with general day to day activities. It was clearly difficult for her, and the older she got, the more challenges we saw [...]

Vision therapy helps siblings excel in school

Crispin and Fiona have both undergone vision therapy to improve their visual development. Crispin started vision therapy as a 13-year-old. Until that time, he struggled in school in virtually every subject, including math, reading, and writing. He spent countless hours with tutors and frustrated parents as he tried to learn everything thrown at him. Headaches were common after reading for any length of time. After vision therapy, he can read for hours on end without [...]

Benefits of Vision Therapy

Child Vision Development We first shared Chelsea’s story here. Her mom, Janice, continues her story… My daughter, Chelsea, struggled in school. Even in Grade 5, teachers said that “she was a tough nut to crack”.  She was described as an “emerging reader”.  I didn’t understand how a child could be so smart, and be unable to succeed in school.  None of her siblings struggled like this.  Why was Chelsea different? Each year started with the [...]

Learning to Focus

Vision Therapy and Scholastic Performance I was looking through some of Chelsea’s school work from last year, and I started remembering what she was like a year ago. She was ANGRY. I would dread picking her up from school because I would have to bear the brunt of her temper. She didn’t have easy friendships; it was like she had lots of acquaintances, but no really good friends. I got lots of phone calls from [...]

Vision Therapy Program

Improved focus and attention Her mom, Alberta shares Charlotte’s story. I am writing to describe the changes that I see in Charlotte that have occurred since this time last year. Charlotte and I committed to therapy sessions and vision therapy homework and did not focus on school work since no amount of practice with school work or reading was effective in assisting Charlotte with her learning.  I share custody of Charlotte and could assist her [...]

Neurovisual Training

Improved Reading Abilities I previously wrote a testimonial about our vision therapy.  Our son Austin was part way through his therapy and I was amazed at the changes, now that he has graduated the changes have been even more amazing. I just want to say again how much I appreciate all that Dr. McCrodan and his staff have done for Austin, they literally changed his life! When Austin started his therapy at the beginning of [...]

Improved Classroom Focus

Vision Therapy Our son Austin has been seeing Dr. McCrodan since December of 2012. Austin is in grade one and was unable to read, form his letters properly, and was miserable at school. He would hide under his desk at school to avoid “word scramble.” He was also very uncoordinated and was unable to focus on anything for too long. We stumbled upon Dr. McCrodan when our regular optometrist left the clinic we go to. [...]