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Vision Therapy Improves Sports Performance

We all know that you need your vision to figure out where the puck is, where the ball is, or even which direction the punch is coming from (not to mention sorting out the concussion after).

For example, it was found that vision therapy improved the team batting average by over 34 points (more than any other team that season), increased assists by 8% and decreased errors by 15% when employed with a Cincinnati baseball team.

Here in Victoria and Nanaimo, we are proud to support Griffen Outhouse in his hockey journey.  He is the kind of athlete you would want your kid to idolize, or grow up to be.  He has skill and talent, but even more than that, he is a caring and genuine person.  The type of athlete we need to support and see more of.  He’s the kind of guy who would use his position to help others, and he has.

I can still remember him making a surprise appearance in the clinic for a young boy who marveled at the fact we had a signed Outhouse poster on the wall.  Griffen came by, to say hi and emphasize the importance of that young boys vision therapy and home training.

Hats off to you Griffen.  I know you will go far.  Be it professional hockey, or anything else you choose to pursue, you are the kind of person who can set an example for our youth.

See his update video here.

We will always be cheering for you.

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